SDE – Orientation to the Triads

The triads are an opportunity to offer spiritual direction to each other.
They are meant to be a secure place to address any personal concern you like.

Only share what you want to talk about and as much as you want to share.

When you are listening, listen with your heart as a spiritual director and do not interrupt or comment.

What is spoken within the triads stays confidential!

Once you are gathered in a comfortable, secluded space you may want to light a candle as a symbol of God’s presence in your midst.

Make sure the time is divided evenly between the three of you, so each person gets her or his term to share.
Make sure one person is guarding the time.

Keep a time of silence to quiet your mind and center yourself.

Decide on a way to be present to each other that works best for you.

Here are two examples you might want to follow:

  1. One person shares (A), one listens and acts as spiritual director (B), one person observes, holds the other two in prayer and keeps the time.
    • At the end the observer shares his or her observations.
    • Take turns so that each person takes on each role once.
    • Close by praying for the person sharing (A).
  2. A shares, B and C listen quietly.
    • Short time for clarifications.
    • B and C reflect together on what A shared:
      • What they have heard
      • What they have observed while listening
      • Any emotions that have arisen within them while listening
      • Any associations, images, ideas, thoughts coming up
    • A sits back and listens quietly to the conversation between B and C without getting involved.
    • This is followed by a time of free conversation among all three of you.
    • At the end A has an opportunity to share how this process has touched her-/himself, what s/he has experienced as being helpful or less helpful.
    • Close by praying for the person sharing (A).
  3.     You just may want to have a free conversation with the person sharing (A) or you might want to do it any other way that works for you!

Maike Ewert, March 2014