5th Meeting of SDE in Birkerød, Denmark

From the letter of invitation:

Spiritual Directors Europe
5th Annual Meeting
20th-23rd February 2004
Magleås Conference Centre, Høsterkøbvej 6,
3460 Birkerød, Denmark


I have just got back from a Steering Group meeting in Denmark, where we began to plan for our next gathering there in 2004. We had a useful time together, including a visit to the centre where we will be meeting [pictured above: check out the web-site on www.magleaas-kursuscenter.dk]. I enclose an application form, and we very much hope that you will be able to join us. We are especially concerned to invite newcomers from European countries not already represented, or currently under-represented, and where there is a lack of support for this ministry. This is best done by personal contact; so if you know anyone it would be good to invite do please speak with them. I enclose a second document that tells something of SDE's story and aims. Please feel free to copy and pass this on, together with copies of this letter and the application form! It is also good to hear from any who cannot come to Denmark, but who would like to be added to our mailing list.

We plan to follow the same pattern as last year, with the emphasis on personal encouragement and mutual support - 'caring for our own souls as we seek to care for the souls of others' - plus some creative input of a 'Danish' sort [!]. We will also need to give a little time to talk about our new legal framework, and we hope there will also be space for some specific piece of input.

The cost will be about 380 euros, [Denmark is more expensive that France!], but our accommodation is of a high standard. If you or your sponsoring body is able to pay a little more, please indicate on the application form, as this will allow us to offer financial support to others who might not otherwise be able to attend. The Magleas Centre is not far from Copenhagen, and is easily reached by train from the airport. We have room for 40 people. We ask to you to return your completed application form as soon as possible, and by not later than August 15th. I will acknowledge that I have received it, and will then write again confirming that you have a place, early in September. We will ask you to pay a deposit of 80 euros by mid September, and the balance by the end of November. The steering Group meets again in November and we will then send you further information. As before the language of the meeting will be english but we are open to doing some of our work in other languages if this seems right.

Please continue to pray for us as we prepare for our meeting. Please pray also for the Support Group and us as we work on our legal framework; and for our continuing efforts as we seek the contacts necessary for future meetings in the Baltic states and southern Europe.

God bless

love, joy, peace and hope

Henry Morgan,

on behalf of Susanne Hoyos, Pirkko Lehtiö, Johan Muijtens and Henry Morgan